• Restaurant interior
  • Different types of food
  • Exterior, main entrance
  • Guests enjoying food and drinks
  • Burritos, fries and salad

Remember, Amigos
“Nuestro Casa es Su Casa”

The Garcia Family

About us

The happiest times spent in our home have been sharing meals with our family and friends – meats prepared from recipes handed down for generations. Our family is known for our hospitality and fine food.

We have decided to open our doors – share our meals and happy times with the fine people in our community.

In response to Covid-19 and the present pandemic we all face, Casa Garcia has added Awrus Air Scrubbers to our restaurant. These scrubbers clean and sanitize the air all day and night every day 24-7 to ensure the safest environment we can provide.

We would greatly appreciate any comments or suggestions that would contribute to serving you better.